Safe Families for Children


The Compassionate Heart of a Safe Family

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In early December Safe Families had a hosting that was a true testament of the love of God manifested within our community. We encountered a single mother in the midst of a major crisis. Shortly after giving birth to a child suffering from renal failure she was also hit with the news that her father, who was suffering from stage IV cancer, had received a terminal diagnosis and was expected to pass on within the following month. Her only system of support would soon be gone and mom would now be torn between caring for her child and the needs of a dying father.

The mother tried her best to juggle the role of supporting two loved ones facing serious medical issues. In her effort to commit considerable time to her child she worried about the needs of her ailing father—who was determined to provide continual support to her as he fought for his own life. Despite her efforts, she could not ignore the needs of her father and served selflessly as her son remained in the hospital. This situation can be particularly overwhelming for any parent, but was especially difficult for a mother who was isolated and had a desire to care for and serve her family.

Hospital workers began to notice the strain placed upon this family and sought ways to provide her with some assistance. After recognizing that the mother simply could not commit her time to serving both her son and her father, one social worker recalled the services that were offered by Safe Families for Children. The social worker contacted Bethany Christian Services in the Central Valley and spoke with another worker who would seek to find a family willing to take on such a heavy commitment.

Jeremy and Michelle White received a phone call from a Safe Families social worker and were then tasked with the need to weigh the costs of taking on such a large responsibility. Within just five minutes, the Whites accepted the call to care for a child in an incredible way. Their acceptance meant visiting the child at the hospital and receiving training for his treatment of daily 12 hour dialysis treatments before discharge.  Their acceptance meant rearranging their lives to now care for another child in addition to the five that were already in their home. Their acceptance meant inviting this mother into their home and providing compassionate care for someone who was once isolated and in need of help.

Shortly after the placement, the mother’s father passed away, leaving her to make funeral and moving arrangements. Throughout this time the Whites were able to show a sacrificial love to the mother as she relocated and prepared her home for the return of her son. While attending the funeral of the mother’s father, the Whites were able to reunite the mother and her son with the confidence of knowing that he will be cared for. While the mother still has a long journey before her, she is no longer isolated and without help. The love of this family has now provided her with a community of people who are available and willing to surround her in this next phase of life.